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The Spanish property market reaffirms its recovery


Welcome to 2018!

What do you think if we see that prepares us this new year?

I propose to see what will be the trend of real estate in this 2018, once experienced a very favorable inclination over the past year with the recovery in the cycle of the economy in Spain, which is why experts say that during this next year will continue this trend to the rise and will be very good to invest in property.


It is no secret that the housing sector is regaining its importance within the Spanish economy. A study by "Func" reveals that in the year 2018, the gross fixed capital formation in terms of housing construction increased by 8.3%, exceeding by 0.4% compared to last year and causing growing GDP in Spain reaching 2.7%.


very positive figures do not you think ?, especially for the autonomous communities of Madrid, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands which according to the latest quarterly report on the economy in Spain, have been those that have registered higher growth in the sector.



"The revival of the economy and low interest rates are driving up real estate as borrow to invest or buy is still very cheap


"In addition to today they are being given a ideal circumstances for the industry to grow, rising prices, growing economic activity and interest rates low "


Javier Niederleytner (of the Institute of Market Studies)


We will briefly see some of the factors of interest on the new year 2018 for investors in this powerful sector.


INVESTING IN PROPERTIES returns to profitability


Analysts have emphasized increasing the possibilities of investing in property, thanks to the growth of the housing movement and the growing confidence of investors seeking returns on investing in properties.


According to the Bank of Spain, purchasing a home as an investment and rent destine to leave a gross profit 4.4% half a year, this varies by region but of course at these statistics can infer the high probability that 2018 is a fruitful year in the real estate sector.


Other data provided by the University Pompeu Fabra indicate that 28% of Spaniards who bought a house last year did so with the intention of investing. And last but not least this percentage increases in big cities like Madrid with 35%, 36% Barcelona and Valencia reaching 44%. significant data for the real estate and housing leaving as one of the best investments of time.



"The real estate is an investment to the riseThat short-term highs again as it is in a privileged position to make very good numbers ahead of next year "


Joaquin Robles, (XTB)


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The increase in the price of rent in areas with higher demand, was a topic of conversation among the Spanish population last year 2017 generating much concern.

But entering 2018 experts predict that prices will stabilize, it is a fact the need to regulate the rental market to promote the possibility of affordable housing for all.


In fact the Government intends to encourage the sale and rental housing to access the housing market. Its about "State Housing Plan 2018-2021"And aims housing subsidies, especially to young and old, later we will create a post talking about this plan and its updates.


llaves de una propiedad


"The greater labor mobility, the roots of the rent between the youngest and the impact of tourism are some of the factors that favor growth during 2018," it is also important to note that the government will launch the new aid plan to buy or rent housing which enter into force on the first quarter of 2018, an action that will cause more movement in the sector.


Consultancy Knight Frank has already pointed out that among investors and large real estate funds has emerged a real interest in joining in the residential rental business in Spain and there is nothing more to do proliferation Socimis. Such information makes us reaffirm the recovery of the property market in Spain.




Analyzing the evolution of the sale of homes in Spain we can see how reflects a rising trend.


As you know after the crisis of 2007 that lasted until 2013 the real estate sector was severely affected in 2014, the industry began to experience a restoration that continues today to this brand new 2018.


According to the Bank of Spain, transactions have been supported by the sale of second-hand housing, however housing transactions newly created so far maintained a trajectory of decline since 2010 from the last quarter and especially in new year new housing will become more prominence.


Evolución de la compraventa de inmuebles en España

                                                     Evolution of the sale of homes in Spain; Source: INE


One of the objectives that arises for real estate in this year 2018 is to overcome the barrier of 500,000 homes sold, a figure not seen in the statistics since 2008.


Last 2017 the annual target of 450,000 homes sold, very close to these 500,000 homes was fulfilled, but political instability in Catalonia slowed the flow of transactions, yet the figures represent an increase of 17% compared to 2016 and again this year growth of 20% is expected.





If you are thinking of investing in real estate, ie investing in property this year 2018 presents ideal circumstances to do so.


  • The favorable inclination over the past year and forecast a trend in the sector rising


  • We continue the successful development of the sale of second-hand housing


  • an average yield of 4.4% on investment is obtained to acquire a home and use it to rent


  • Experts are confident growth of 20% in the sector



If this has not convinced you, so will our properties, explore our investment opportunities


In the next article we will talk about the most interesting aspects how to save deductible expenses with renting your property.


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