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What is Inviertis?

"Investment, simple"

Inviertis is a platform where you can sell and buy properties that already have tenants.

We are not inventing the wheel, but we simplify real estate investment to the point where you, our customer, do not have to worry about anything, just select the product that is most suitable and see how your investment income.

Inviertis born in a time when, more than ever, there are answers to invest our savings but in a context in which the investment is nothing new and yet still full of secrets, Inviertis wants to be an affordable, easy and transparent alternative to real estate investment traditional.

For it, select properties with gross profit exceeding 4%, Which they are interesting by location or characteristics. We study the property and equipment Inviertis certifies the state of the property so that the information on our website is 100% accurate.

Our team

We are a young team without 20 years of experience. But we believe that it is good.

  • Rebeca Perez

    Investor advisory

    It is catching the inverter to provide all necessary resources to carry out the investment.

  • Nuestra gestora

    Sonia Vilanova

    Seller advisory

    100% controls the recruitment process for Inviertis market, support that every seller wants.

  • Foto de Miquel

    Councilor Michael

    Web developer

    Lightens existence to the rest of illiterates in technology, reaches Inviertis so that the ship will not sink.

  • Xavier Maresme


    Leading the development of Inviertis in the future.

Speak with us

In Inviertis we love to hear, we believe that the only way we can understand your needs and keep improving and developing solutions.

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our commitment

Inviertis wants to be a reference of transparency, honesty and fairness. Therefore, we work so that everyone has an equal footing.

In Inviertis we think that real estate investing can be simpler, more comfortable and less obstacles. We are here to help, so that both sellers and renters, and buyers, find in us all the information they need, support and management level they wish.

We also hope to help build a more just society, therefore Inviertis agrees to donate part of its profits to charities supporting children and medical research.


Second-placed Award
Fintech entrepreneur category


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