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In the next article we will discuss the Energy Certificate housing and local taxes in Spain that affects the transfer of property and the rent.


What is the energy certificate? (EC)


The energy performance certificate reports on the one hand CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere Y for another consumption of non-renewable primary energyBoth concepts associated with a property compared to other similar characteristics.

For this one letter within the energy scale it is assigned. In this way we can compare one property with others.

We must bear in mind that the energy performance certificate is a consumer right. That is, it is mandatory that the owner of the energy rating report all those interested in the sale or rental of that property.

Therefore, the energy performance certificate it is mandatory to advertise the sale or rental a property, either a house, a local business or an entire building.

The certificate evaluates essentially two aspects: first construction quality in relation to their energy performance and second,the energy efficiency of thermal installations associated. Also consider the climatic zone, the orientation of the house or building built, aspects to consider when assessing thecost effectiveness investment of a property.


Once issued the energy performance certificate is recorded to be an official document by the official body region and the energy label is obtained, which will be discussed later in this article.


The energy performance certificate must be a comprehensive document and it must include the minimum content under Article 6 of RD 235/2013 regulating the procedure of certification of the energy performance of buildings:

Identification of the property that is certified and recognized procedure with which obtained the energy rating.

Year of construction and savings and regulations for that year of building energy efficiency.

Description of characteristics relating to the energy performance of the building: thermal covering and associated thermal installations.

energy rating of the building of CO2 emissions and consumption of non-renewable primary energy by a letter and a numeric indicator within the energy rating scale.

Partial energy rating for each service (ACS, heating and cooling for residential use, and additionally and only for commercial use, lighting) CO2 emissions on the one hand and consumption of non-renewable primary energy for another.

Also report on the letter grade demand for heating and cooling.

Recommendations for improving the energy rating in the case of existing buildings, unless there is no reasonable potential not compared to the energy performance requirements in force at that time.

Description of the tests, verifications and inspections carried out during the process.



Does the Energy Certificate is required to sell or rent a property?


The Energy Certificate is mandatory in Spain since 1 June 2013 for existing buildings, and since 2007 for new buildings, to sell or rent any property required by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, regulated by Royal decree 235/2013 and also due to European directives on energy efficiency in buildings

The energy performance certificate informs a prospective buyer or lessee of the property energy efficiency compared to other similar characteristics. For existing buildings also reported improvement measures for reducing energy consumption.

Both sellers and landlords must report the energy rating of the property to prospective buyers or tenants. Furthermore, it should bring the original document, registered and in force when the sale before a notary, or a copy thereof shall be formalized when the lease is formalized.

Responsibility to acquire this certificate is the property owner, hiring a competent technician, it ie you have the authorization certificate. Basically Architects, Technical Architects and Engineers with their specialties.


Are there exceptions that do not need the Energy Certificate?


The RD 235/2013 amended in 2017, includes some cases in which it is not mandatory to have the energy performance certificate:

Buildings or parts of buildings officially protected, provided that it can carry out actions to improve energy efficiency because it can alter their character or appearance. The rest if you must have the certificate of energy efficiency.

Buildings or parts of buildings for worship or for religious activities.

temporary buildings with less than 2 years.

Buildings or parts of buildings housing use use less four months a year or with a limited annual energy consumption and less than 25% of what it would use for a full year period. It must justify a declaration responsible homeowner's.

Nonresidential buildings for agricultural aspects, defense or industrial energy demand are low, because they require not guarantee certain thermal comfort conditions such as workshops, warehouses and production areas. The rest must have the certificate itself.

Buildings or parts of buildings isolated and less than 50 square meters.


Additionally also need to have the energy performance certificate, those buildings or parts of buildings that are subject to demolition or comprehensive reform.

Garages or storage rooms are not living spaces so it is not necessary to have the energy performance certificate for sale or rent.



The "Energy Label"


Once issued the energy certificate by the competent technician this must be registered with the official body by autonomous community. certificates are valid only registered.

Subsequent to this procedure so the energy label is obtained. In addition, the energy performance certificate must be valid and its validity is 10 years after issuance.

The energy label shows the energy rating associated CO2 emissions and primary energy consumption associated with the property that is certified and always compared to other properties of similar characteristics and conditions of certain thermal comfort. To do assign a letter and a numeric indicator within the energy rating scale.

The energy scale consists of a color scale ranging from "A" (being the most efficient) to "G" (the least efficient) and always keep in mind these values ​​are comparative and not real.

The letters A, B and C represent a high level of energy efficiency, the letter A being the most energy efficient: a lower level of energy consumption to 55% of the average.

Letter D represents the average, ie consumption corresponds to 100% of the average consumption buildings.

Lower letters represent properties of lower energy efficiency, ie buildings or parts of buildings with a power consumption of between 110% and 125% above average.

Box score

Letter A: Dark green and is representing greater energy efficiency.

Letter B: Lighter green continues to maintain efficiency.

Letter C: More yellowish green and it is not as energetic as above.

Letter D: Yellow and represents a normal efficiency.

Letter E: Orange and makes clear that the property has very low energy efficiency.

Letter F: Orange and it is one of the last steps of the list.

Letter G: Red and represents a house that does not have energy efficiency.

 Calificación energética


Are there penalties for selling or renting a property without the Energy Certificate?


The answer is yes. Law 8/2013 of June 26, stipulates infringements on energy certification of buildings and parts of buildings, and determines economic penalties of between 300 and 6,000 euros. Since not to mention the energy rating in advertisements for sale or rental of the property, or sell without obtaining the certificate or falsify the document.

The difference Administration three sets of sanctions depending on the seriousness of the offense:

Minor offenses: a fine between 300 € and 600 €

medium offenses: a fine between 600 € and 1000 €

Serious offenses: a fine between 1,000 € and 6,000 €


How to get the Energy Certificate?

This document has to be done by a qualified technician to do so, it may be architects, technical architects or engineers.

The requirement is to have the enabling qualifications as reflected in the website Ministry of energy in its section on frequently asked questions on certification of energy efficiency of buildings and parts of buildings


The property owner has the freedom to choose which professional wants to obtain the certificate.

There are many professionals who offer this service.

We must bear in mind that the certificate should not be regarded as a simple legal procedure it is advisable to use it as a tool which provides valuable information on energy efficiency of the property and also the possibility of getting a proposal for improvement of the property to reduce energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions associated and all this without sacrificing thermal comfort.

If you want to save a long search, here we provide the place to look for your technical quality according to your location.

There are technical in Spain and is as simple as calling the technician directly or send a free certificate request message, without intermediaries:



In Inviertis You can find information on the energy efficiency of the property available to invest in the same tab in the section Characteristics and you can request that we send you if you wish.




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  2. Although the article mentions it is important to highlight the importance of how the energy performance certificate has a different process in each autonomous community. The best option is to consult with counseling responsible or being advised by a competent technician and with sufficient knowledge and experience.

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