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  • Can you sell, and buy a property with tenants?

    If possible. The law 29/1994 Tenancies and its predecessors allows the sale of property and even when occupants.

    It is true that makes small differentiations in terms of housing and local and if they are part of a building.

  • What specific procedures exist to sell a property with tenants?

    The first thing is to inform your tenant of your intent to sell, who knows !, maybe you save you a bunch of paperwork if your tenant is interested in buying it. Speak first with your tenants, are people we like and we explain things, especially when you're talking about our home.

    But legal level first will consider whether your tenant has the right to first refusal, it will find in the lease that you signed and send them a burofax informing them of the sale and conditions depending on whether they esses right or not. We can help you in this whole process.

  • ¿Preemption? What are they?

    They are two rights that may have or not the tenant and can run at different times.

    The score is called Preferential acquisition rightwhereby the landlord (your tenant) is entitled to another buyer to buy the property in the same condition as you would another buyer.

    The right of withdrawal It is the law by which the landlord may claim the sale of the property after sold and can run up to 30 days after notification of the sale if it had not communicated before or had changed the conditions thereof.

  • Do all tenants have the right to first refusal?

    No, it depends on the contract and the time it was formalized. Simplifying, the subsequent contracts law 29/1994 but prior to law 4/2013 June 4 rent reform, have this right as inalienable, so that even if they had expressly signed would not be valid. However, contracts signed later if we find that expressly have this right and therefore only had to inform them of his intention to sell.

  • What if I sell is a building?

    In case you're formalizing the sale of an entire building, this law is not applicable.

  • What are the fees for services Inviertis?

    Inviertis tarifica 3% on the selling price of the property. If you sell with Inviertis will always be 3% on the price at which your property is eventually sold.

    So, if you buy a property through Inviertis, you'll know that part is the amount receivable by the owner if you multiply the selling price x 100 and divide by 103.

  • I have more questions

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