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Are you a tenant?

If you are a tenant and the owner of the property where you live or your business develop are thinking of selling, you probably have many questions and doubts.

In Inviertis we will try solucionártelas all.



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Inviertis What do we do?

In Inviertis, we offer investors profitability properties. That is, they have tenants. We do this for two reasons;

     Proceso  Lat first it is to service the owner of the property where you are for rent. Not all are equal owners but if they have the same need, need to sell. The reasons are varied; inheritances, separations, need for cash, etc ...

    ProcesoThe second is to facilitate the investment process those who want to invest in properties. That we got when we find properties that meet certain requirements in terms of location, ownership status and especially profitability.

        And there you come in. We firmly believe that it makes no sense to have investors now looking for empty properties in your area or city to rent them and at the same time your landlord is forced to empty the property to sell.

Together good tenants with good future investor-landlords.

The tenant is important, very important


Without you, Inviertis no sense. Inviertis exist because you exist.

We want our investors to enjoy maximum profitability offered by their new property and for this, you are essential. Tenants of properties in Inviertis are creating value.

In Inviertis not work with expected returns, we do not speculate about the future value of the property or future income. We care to ensure the present and the future. 


The owner of the apartment or house where I live wants to sell ... what can I do?

If the owner of the property where you live has contacted you to inform your decision to sell, you have several options to consider:

A. buy it! If the property meets what you want in a home and would like to buy do not hesitate to inform the owner, make him a reasonable offer and enjoy your home. If you need help with the purchase process or obtaining financing, we will incarnate to help

B. Assist in the sale of property and ensure continuity in the rent if you prefer. That does not mean you have to endure evenings visits to your house, only we go once to take pictures and do an inspection with an architect. Nothing that has no effect on your current rent!

C. No help sell. For make the decision to not afford to take pictures, for example, will you leave few options the owner. Actually two; sell despite your lack of certainly cheaper or ask you to leave at the end of the contract to sell empty collaboration.


When buying property .... Am I going to ask me to go?

In the LAU (Urban Lease Act) it provides that after the transfer of ownership, the new owner can ask the tenant to leave the property over a period of three months or claim it for itself after the first year.

But nevertheless, en Inviertis work and strive for that not to happen, Our investors want returns offered by the rent you pay. For them has two advantages; The first is that do not sacrifice profitability and already have information about the tenant. not bother to look for a property with occupants but outside as well.

At the signing of the purchase agreement, the new buyer is subrogated (Ie the "inherited") of rights (collect rent) and obligations (care for the property, respond to incidents, paying taxes) in front of a notary.Investor's will is to keep tenants and property and moran respect the contract at least until completion.

In Inviertis work and continue to work to develop services that ensure our investors their investment and by extension, they feel safer with the current tenants.

For example, with proof of payment from your current rental offer unpaid insurance to cover them peace of mind.


I received a burofax, what I have to do?


When a homeowner decides to sell and contacts with us, always we ask that you communicate your intention to sell either via message or a call but Tenancies Act, known as LAU provides that such communication must be "irrefutable "and so, usually a registered fax is sent.

Generally speaking, at this point, you might receive a burofax to inform you of your right of first refusal or only the intention to sell the owner.

That depends on the time it was underwritten the contract and the clauses contained in that respect there.In Inviertis we review all contracts to make sure they are carried out appropriate action in each case.

WITH emption (Or pre-emption)

The Tenancies Act states that el tenant has emption in case of transfer of ownership.

This right may be waived in signing the contract if this was signed after reformLau de 5 junio de 2013.

To find out if you quit or not, you just have to review the contract and see in any clause.

If this is your case and you have received a burofax where you are informed of that right, You have 30 daysto exercise it and buy the property.

You answer is yes ... congratulations! Contact the owner and let them know about initiate proceedings.

If Otherwise, do not want to purchase the property, you do not have to do anything, the sales process will run its course.

After the sale, you will receive another burofax with the same conditions so you can exercise your right of withdrawal if you wish.

casa de madera sobre mesa con etiqueta de en venta
sobre azul sobre mesa de madera


For you to sign this clause and you have given up the purchase emption (right of first refusal) the burofax serves to inform the owner intends to sell.

It does not mean that the property is to be sold immediately, but eIt s a process that has to carry out 30 days (minimum) before signature. 

Do not worry, you do not have to do anything and nothing will change for you at the moment.

Ah! Y if you want to purchase the property you can alsoOnly contact with the owner and comunicaselo.

After the sale will send you another burofax to inform you of it and in the case of bank or like you to realize the amount of rent transfers, also inform you of where you perform them since.

The new owner may call you and want to meet you.

Stay in your house

una estrella habla de como certificar tu solvencia como inquilino

We think that, with your help, we will ensure that the new owner does not arise change tenants.

The first concern that a landlord arises from default and Inviertis cover this in three sides:

  • Prior information: The first thing you been doing all this time, you are aware of payment and that has a lot. Investor is proof that you are a good tenant and worth keep you as such.
  • The rear latch: The following is through insurance that protect default and already pre-granted upon completion of the first point. From Inviertis we offer this insurance to help get the peace of mind of the investor.
  • And the last, is certify your quality as a tenant.

For the latter, we work in collaboration with Grntifay.

Garantify is a certification system for the solvency of the tenant. It is a tool used by both agencies and individuals to determine the degree of risk to a tenant.

You have control over that amount would be certified.

It is free for you and we will put a stamp like below in the profile of the property you have rented.

Click on the image and certificate as tenant Garantify If you want to go further in your participation as a good tenant.

I have questions yet ...

We summarize below some of the questions that we can cross your mind. If you miss any, please contact us and we will be happy to answer.


We have a direct line of attention to the tenant

Call us!

934 611 897

Am I obligated to teach the floor or let between the photographer?

No, you are at home and that is untouchable. The landlord can only be accessed in case of technical necessity, ie for a necessary work or technical inspection.

But it makes little sense to deny yourself, that would hinder the sale but why ?. It makes you a bad tenant and will have to wait out your contract to ask you to leave because then have to sell it empty.

Where if it's absolutely necessary to access and there would be legal basis for preventing access to either an architect to draw up the EEC, carry out a technical inspection or certificate of occupancy in those regions that require it.


What will happen when the contract ends?

The same thing had happened at the end of the contract with the former landlord.

Under the terms of your contract you will have to warn at least one month before finalizing the same, with the new lauryl Tenancies Act, up to four months. If the new propietariario are considering renegotiating conditions also you have to certify thee over well in advance.

Am I going to respect the lease?

During the sale, the new owner will recognize that there is a rental agreement before a notary and shall be subrogated to the rights and obligations of the contract the previous landlord had signed with tenants.

This fact is reflected in the deed of sale and although not a 100% indicator if you will continue under the same conditions you're at least until the end in agreement.


Will I have to teach home buyers?

Not always. Although it is almost inevitable in PRODESO sales, there are many investors who do not need to see the property.

Therein lies Inviertis work, to be rigorous with the information we provide regarding the property through technical reports and the status of it thanks to our professional photographers.

The last verification process that we carry out with "our tenants."

In addition we also filter our investors, only buyers with real interest and proven reliability can access visit the property and only once has accepted a purchase offer by the seller.

We try to have 1 visit = 1 sale.


What is the right of first refusal and redemption?

The right of first refusal is that we mentioned above you emption of the property. Until June 2013 that right was waived.

We always advise the owner to the tenant provide housing for the minimum they would be willing to sell the house, because they save a lot of effort and time.

The right of withdrawal, which is often linked to the first, is that by which, after the sale you have you to report the conditions under which it occurred and can claim the sale for you in 30 days if you do not the they offered under the same conditions.

Note that to exercise either of these rights is necessary to have them recognized in the contract or, failing that, have not given up on them.

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