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1141 Arenys de Munt - Can Jalpa

Arenys de Munt Calle Batlle Trias, 45, 08358 Barcelona
Gross profit:
This is the gross investment returns offered is the percentage obtained by dividing the annual income from the sale price of the property.
Net performance:
This is the net return on investment offered is the percentage obtained by dividing the annual income less expenses, for the sale price of the property.
This is the price for which the seller offers the property that relies on technology MVI (housing valuation methodology) granted by Registrars of Spain.
455.000 €
Current rent:
Inviertis certifies the accuracy and objectivity of the data collected in the accompanying documents. A technical inspector evaluates both indoor and outdoor housing while taking pictures. This makes the information contained in both the website and the documents is 100% true and accurate.
1.500 €
Surface :
160,55 m2
Quality of the area
This rating provides Inviertis after assessing the different aspects; appearance of the neighborhood, nearby shops, the presence of schools and parks, access to public transportation and the average price per square meter in the area. You will find more information on how obtained this score the property documents pertaining to housing.


[1141] This is your opportunity to invest in Arenys de Munt

This new investment opportunity is in Inviertis Arenys de Munt, in the urbanization Can Jalpí, una exclusiva zona residencial de casas unifamiliares con vistas a la Serralada Litoral.

He Castle Jalpí, Which gives its name to urbanization and its gardens are one of the main symbols of Arenys de Munt. Built between the end of the XIX century and principles of the twentieth century, fue la transformación de una antigua casa de pueblo en un castillo medieval con todo tipo de lujos.

En él se celebra el Festival de Música Clásica de Santa Florentina, que se lleva a cabo cada verano.

The property is very well connected, halfway between Arenys de Munt and Arenys de Mar, 2 minutes from the C-32, Which connects with Barcelona in less than 45 minutes with intercity bus stop at the door of urbanization that connects to the train station Arenys de Mar, just 3 km distant. A few minutes has several schools, parks, sports venues, and various dining options.


Your investment opportunity with a future return to 4%!


PROPERTY DOCUMENTATIONDocumentation of ownership.

Here are the documents relating to the property for study. You must be logged in to access this section. free registration

PURCHASE EXPENSES Purchase costs of housing are those costs generated by the purchase and sale agreement and are paid by the buyer. These costs can not be financed and therefore must pay at the time of the sale.

  • Notarial charges Notary fees script buying and selling vary depending on the amount thereof and the tariff was set by Royal Decree 1426/89 of 17 November, published on November 28 in the BOE. This means that there is no price competition, it can only offer a discount of 10% maximum.
    You can choose the Public Notary more convenient for you or let you choose Inviertis you.
    Here you will see the calculation set the selling price of housing and discounts on the case that is worthy of any.
    448 €
  • Taxes Taxes derived from the sale of a property are two: stamp duty (AJD) and the tax on the transfer of assets (ITP) in the case of second-hand housing. These taxes is set by each autonomous community and will vary depending on where the property is.
    Here you will see the calculation set the selling price of housing and discounts on the case that is worthy of any.
    45.500 €
  • Property registration The registration fee of the property is a percentage that varies depending on the amount of the sale and which is fixed by Royal Decree 1427/1989 and subsequent amendment of 2002 on the Tariff Registrars is approved the property.
    Here you will see the calculation set the selling price of housing and discounts on the case that is worthy of any.
    432 €


Useful surface:: 160,55
Builded surface:: 289
Year of construction:: 2004
State conservation: Origin / Refurbished 2017
energy certificate: NO
Number of plants: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Bedrooms: 5
Lift: No
Garage: AND
ITE Building Pass:: Does not apply
Exterior or Interior: Exterior
Terrace: m2
Garden: m2
Home appliances: Fridge, oven, microwave
acondionado air
Heat pump
Community Zone: Pool

Tenant analysis

Summary Tenant

Rental price: 1500 €
Rental start date: 31/05/2018
rent end date: 31/05/203
Security deposit The security deposit is to be compulsorily delivered at time of signing the lease and has returnable on completion of the contract under the terms of the same character.: 1500 €
voluntary deposit Voluntary deposit is an amount is delivered at the time of signing and has returnable character to the end of the contract under the terms thereof.: 1500 €
Default insurance in force? Files delinquent tenants (FIM) give information about the real possibility of default of the tenant.: NO
Eligible default insurance? This value is based on the income of the holders of the lease, it is checked if your income is three times the rental price. 3x a tenant value is less likely to default.: AND
Current payment: AND
Furnished: NO

Owner Responsibility

Community (75 / Mesuales €)
IBI (1050 / mille €)
Trash rate (105 / Annual €)

Responsibility of the tenant

Terms of investment conditions

Terms of the investment

The price offered for sale 455,000 € It reflects the price at which the seller is willing to close the sale and where Inviertis and fees included.

This property accepts bids below the offer price, can you submit a reasonable offer for consideration by the owner.

You can present your offer through sales platform www.inviertis.es or ask an agent model offer to complete. In both cases you must send a copy of your ID or passport and establish their funding sources.

Once the seller has accepted your offer will be sent electronically to signing the reservation contract the property and initiate the sales process after receiving the monetary reserve. This monetary reserve reaches between 500,00 euros and 1500.00 euros depending on the value of the investment.

Promise of purchase agreement:

The earnest money contract or promise of sale is a standard document that can be downloadedhere for information, but it is open to negotiation by the parties. The agreement will be submitted electronically and must be signed by the buyer and seller within 24 hours of receipt.

The contract of promise of sale is accompanied by payment or transfer to bank account 10% of the sales price or offer accepted concept of earnest money and the contract it will be considered formalized when the purchaser meets the economic value of such deposits to Inviertis Properties, as authorized by the seller to keep this amount depositary.

For the buyer, you decide not to buy the property, this amount is non-refundable. You can more thoroughly study this and other clauses concerning the resolution in the contract.

Leasing contract: The current contract and the original lease to the Purchaser will be provided in the signing of sale and automatically subrogated in the same act.

Deadline: The closing date will occur within 30 days after the execution of the agreement of purchase and sale for cash transactions and 45 days of execution of the agreement of purchase and sale when required funding unless the Buyer and seller agree differently.

Closing costs: Details of the property on an estimate of closing costs in terms of legal and notary services, registration and taxes to be paid according to local custom and property is provided. These amounts are an informative approximation of the actual costs.

In case you need support for document management during the closing process, you can contact and hire one of our recommended agents.

Default or legal insurance coverage.

(NO) A certain default pre-granted for this property.

Hedges and overhead can find information here and can expand or hire one of our agents.

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